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Strategic Play for Future Success

ThinkTank’s innovative fun-packed programme for 4 to 14 year-olds uses carefully selected games and puzzles from around the world to develop and sharpen children’s thinking, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, all whilst having an engaging, enjoyable and individualised experience.

Through well structured curricula, children learn how to vocalise and test their ideas in a safe environment, thus encouraging creativity, critical thinking and initiative within the game, and within class discussion. Via mediation and metacognitive methods, the children learn to apply these essential life skills to everyday situations.

ThinkTank really is strategic play for future success.

“After seeing lessons delivered and the fantastic pupil response, combined with compelling evidence showing a clear link to pupil progress, I was determined to include ThinkTank schemes of work and resources…”
Our curricula is in stages, which are split into theme specific courses such as:
  • • Information Analysis
  • • Learning to Learn
  • • Value Judgements
  • • Problem Solving
  • • Resource Management
  • • Forward Planning
Please ask for our Course Contents sheet for further information.

We also train school staff to provide and deliver the programme.

We have been working with Twickenham Preparatory School teaching, as part of their core curriculum, for many years.

This is what the staff have had to say…

“At TPS the Think Tank programme has had a very beneficial effect on our pupils, especially in their approach to collaboration and helping them to develop strategies to problem solve. Our pupils love the activities and look forward to their lessons with great enthusiasm!

In addition to the lessons there are parent/pupil evenings and our the children have even had opportunities to compete in national competitions and the Mind Lab international Olympics in past years. These experiences have been wonderful opportunities for the boys and girls to test their thinking skills and enjoy competitive game play.”

Oliver Barrett, Head Teacher.

Strategic Play for Future Success