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Strategic Play for Future Success
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ThinkTank Education

We are an innovative critical thinking, social and emotional skills programme, targetted at those who often require what mainstream education can omit.
Our curricula is tailored to be compliment with the UK education system and the 21st century needs of its pupils.


Our methodology pillars of Metcognition, Mediated Focused Inquiry & Interdisciplinary Transferral are used alongside strategy-based board games that we have sourced from around the world.

Practical Education

Using these games, group based work, reflection and ‘think on your feet‘ experiences particular thinking processes are targeted, and thinking habits, thinking methods and thinking concepts are habitualised – all whilst having fun!

Not by force shall the youth learn, but through play.


The ThinkTank Programme

A system for the development and training of children’s thinking abilities and life skills. At its heart is the notion that the most effective way to learn is through a challenging, immediate and authentic experience.
Game playing is the perfect example of such an experience – it is entertaining, engaging and exciting, and therefore stimulates eager involvement. The game-playing experience provides fertile ground for the training and application of thinking abilities and life skills.

Our world seems to need more flexible thought than ever before, the ThinkTank Programme prepares our children for the future by teaching them to think for themselves, reflect and learn from their mistakes and successes, collaborate with others and to transfer their skills to other situations.

ThinkTank is strategic play for future success.

The children learn to:

• Think critically and creatively
• Self-reflect, analyses and evaluate
• Forward plan and optimise decision making
• Use their initiative and problem solve
• Vocalise and text hypotheses and their ideas
• Communicate, and work effectively with others

The programme provides:

• An age appropriate well-structured curricula
• Mediated experiential learning
• Metacognitive methodology
• Discussion based focused enquiry
• Enhanced non-verbal reasoning outcomes
• Hypothesis testing
• Thinking methods ‘tool-kit’
• Pair work and group challenges
• Individualised learning

ThinkTank’s innovative fun-packed programme for 4 to 14 year-olds uses carefully selected games and puzzles from around the world to develop and sharpen children’s thinking, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, all whilst having an engaging, enjoyable and individualised experience.
Through well-structured curricula, children learn how to vocalise and test their ideas in a safe environment, thus encouraging creativity, critical thinking and initiative within the game, and within class discussion. Via mediation and metacognitive methods, the children learn to apply these essential life skills to everyday situations.

Interpersonal Skills

• Discussion-based Focus Enquiry
• Mediated Experiential Learning
• Testing Hypotheses

Thinking Skills

• Age Appropriate Curricula
• Enhancing Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
• Metacognitive Methodology

Intrapersonal Skills

• Thinking Methods “Tool-kit”
• Pair Work & Group Challenges
• Individualised Learning

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Albert Einstein

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